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Andy Show Artist


Hi, my name is Andy Show, preferably just "Andy".  It's such a great privilege/honor for me to give a full background as to who I am and what I do, and what my website has to offer.  I am a "poly-math" with a BA focusing mainly on the field of both applied and theoretical math/analytic research and engineering.  As my growing up, I have always devoted my other hidden interest/talent to Visual Arts.  I think Art can help people like me to express the language of mathematics more vividly in another reality of dimensions and to view the world from a harmonized creative perspective - something that other mechanical languages cannot be able to express - Art can!  And it all depends on (how) you would express it.....I believe.     

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My Story

I always remembered the first time when I pick up my bicycle riding down to the public library to find board games to play and different amature math textbooks to read and study.  I loved both sports and gaining new ideas in challenging mind puzzles to solve.  Since I grew up in a very strict family environment and its business-saturated city, I didn't get a lot of quality time for self-enjoyment and tranquility.  Life, for me, is always's always about trying to get ahead of the game, but being "blind" in understanding "why" we, as humans, exist in this world of reality.  Because of this very reason, I constantly had the choice of devoting myself to Arts and using Arts as a tool to express my inner emotions and personal belongings.  I found Arts have helped me to build a deeper quality of life condition that brought both harmony and strength for me to live it wholesomely.  So, as a result of this, I loved Art so much that I have always forced myself to spend extra hours researching and exploring plausible ideas to advance my knowledge and understanding in the areas of my study.  Over the years, I have made a tremendous amount of self-improvement in making changes and my perspective on the creativity of Arts.  Truly, I recalled I had made a promise to myself that I really want to "make history" and, because of this tenacity, history can never come back to us in the present moment, but I strongly believe that we can therefore relive it - for history can repeat itself somehow...I think!  As a result of my strong calling, I constantly dissolve my life in the art world, and I have become very strong in the desire of reaching up to my new goals.  And, to continue to challenge myself to break "limits" by stepping out of my comfort zone.  This is my story....!!!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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