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Welcome to my main newly established home webpage.  As a multi-disciplined artist, I hope that you can find something that will spark your creative desire/interest in finding out something that is both unique, influential, and satisfying to further your scope in the art world.  As always, we are creative human beings, and each one of us is and should be made different from the other; this is also why art can help us to express ourselves better.  The saying goes....(A Picture is worth a Thousand Words....!!)

Underground street
Looking away
Bridge walk

Art of Renaissance and its Rebirth

Run by Exhibition with an art curator

2010 ~ Present Moment

Prairie Farm

*Principle Theoretical Approach to Design & its 

*Art Research and the study of its

*Art Creativity and its Methods of     

Art of Genuine, Formidable & Definitive Style

Design Drawings and Character Illustrations

Field of Scope and Experience:

2005 ~ Present

PanAm Building
Space Fashion Arts
The Illusion of Sun Sparks
Invation of the 3 Heads (Phantum Ghost)
The Green Dragon of Renaissance
Samurai Emperor
Jupiter Space_Clock Gate
PanAm City
Adoration of The Magi (2nd Louvre, 2019)
Pantheon (TopView)
Alexandre Baker Final
Police Motorvehicle
Parallax (Original Idea, Oct 22nd 2014)
School Girl
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